Digital Newsletters

If you’ve been in business very long, you know the importance of keeping your brand in front of your customers regularly. Digital newsletters and eblasts are a great, cost-effective way to reach your audience consistently, position yourself as an expert, and share just enough information to keep them coming for more.

Get set up with a customized, cost effective account and start delivering your content right away. Or if you already have an account with MailChimp or Constant Contact, I can help you manage your messages there.

A few types of common formats my clients send include:

  • Simple Weekly Messages – connect regularly with bite-sized advice and information
  • Special Announcements and Offers – custom-designed coupons and event invitations
  • Feature Newsletters – weekly, monthly, or quarterly; set up a template with a featured story, an offer, a testimonial, and bio so your readers know what to look forward to
  • Highlights List – send a summary list to make sure nobody misses the great content you’ve worked hard to produce
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Elements of a Great Newsletter

Consistency – everything from content to scheduling, your readers depend on you to be consistent

Well-Organized Content – make sure your most important messages are placed where they’ll be seen first; establish clear hierarchy

Visual Interest – from images to graphic elements, spice up your message with some visual narrative

Professional Quality – double and triple check your grammar and spelling; typos can trash your credibility